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As travellers and sun lovers, we know the unbeatable look and feeling of a great sun tan. We also know the importance of taking a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

Born and bred in Australia, Melanoboost® is brought to you by a team of tanning and skin care experts.

Combining our knowledge in science, skin, beauty and tanning to create the Melanoboost® Peptide Technology, we bring the long awaited upgrade to the tanning industry by introducing peptides; smart active ingredients that optimise the natural sun tanning process.

Our philosophy is to combine sun and science to bring advancement to tanning products beyond the scope of traditional sun tan oils, fake tan, or prohibited tanning methods by using intelligent technologies which promote faster, darker tanning with minimal sun exposure.
Accelerated sun tanning at is best
Melanoboost® - bringing an unbeatable tan to the world.

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