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Sun & Science

Melanoboost combines sun and science through the use of biomimetic peptides.

Naturally occurring in our bodies, PEPTIDES are short chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of our body's proteins. The most commonly recognised proteins found in our skin are collagen, elastin, keratin, and melanin. These proteins are responsible for our skin's foundation, tone, texture, and colour.

The role these naturally occurring PEPTIDES play in an individual's genetic makeup differs from person to person. This is why some people age faster than others, and why some have lighter or darker skin tones amongst other things.

Over time, the effectiveness of these naturally occurring PEPTIDES can also slow down prematurely, or will simply diminish as we age. but thanks to BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES designed to mimic those naturally occurring peptides, we now have the ability to incorporate them within our product formulations to reinforce, repair, rejuvenate or maintain.
Melanoboost uses BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES designed to boost the skin's melanin levels and reinforce the natural tanning process.

Melanin is the pigment which gives our skin colour and makes it tan. Melanin is usually only produced when our bodies are exposed to UV light.
Melanoboost uses BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES to mimic this naturally occurring function WITHOUT exposure to UV light.

The more abundant our melanin levels are before UV exposure, the faster and darker we are able to tan during UV exposure. In addition, when melanin levels are boosted, only short bursts of sun exposure is required to tan effectively using Melanoboost. This revolutionary new BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDE technology allows us to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

Don't sun bake, Melanoboost instead!