Sun Tanning While Pregnant

Sun tanning while pregnant? It’s no secret that a deep golden sun tan can give us a confidence boost, but is it safe to tan when you’re expecting?

Pregnant or otherwise, it’s important to stay sun safe.

So can you sun tan? It's important to note, that every pregnancy and woman is different, so we by no means are giving out pregnancy advice here, but get out and enjoy some sunshine!

Sun Tanning While Pregnant - MelanoboostSun Tanning While Pregnant - Melanoboost

When you’re expecting, the thing you should bear in mind is spending too much time in the sun. Sun baking increases your core body temperature, which should be avoided. This can happen if you lie in the sun for too long, which is why so many mums-to-be love using Melanoboost while they’re pregnant.

Melanoboost works perfectly during pregnancy because it is designed to help you to develop a deep sun tan with minimal time spent in the sun!

It also doubles as a really nourishing body oil. Melanoboost’s Peptide Sun Tanning Oil base isn’t just a carrier oil for our Peptide Complex, it’s a luxe blend of 8 nutrient rich oils carefully selected for their superior skin conditioning properties and light weight textures.

Exposure to the sun and outdoor elements can leave the skin feeling dry, tight and thirsty for moisture. Melanoboost’s oils instantly feed your skin with much needed moisture during UV exposure, with a lasting effect that quashes that dry, after-sun tightness.

Our favourite #MelanoBABE Dani Bonnor (@danibonnor) is currently looking perfectly glowing during her pregnancy and loves her some Melanoboost:


Another thing to be aware of when you're pregnant is pigmentation. Many women experience hyperpigmentation on their face during pregnancy, which darkens when exposed to the sun, so put on a hat and make sure you opt for an SPF for the face so you aren’t left with “pregnancy mask”! 

Benefits of using Melanoboost when you're pregnant (or not pregnant too!)....

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oils work topically in the skin, where it is applied. That means it's not systemic and won't enter the bloodstream.

It's designed to assist a deep dark tan with only small, short bursts of sun exposure - no sun baking necessary.

You can still wear sunscreen. In fact, we recommend everyone wears sunscreen on top of their Melanoboost. Sunscreen will help to protect your skin and won't hinder your tan. The point is to avoid burning.

Enjoy yourself some Melanoboost along with a little bit of sunshine today. To read some customer reviews, check out our product page or some of our Melanoboost Reviews blogs

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