Does Melanoboost Work For Fair Skin?

Shout out to all the fair skinned babes and blokes! Yes, Melanoboost® will work on all skin types to improve your ability to tan - even those with fair complexions!

Melanoboost® uses intelligent technologies designed to boost the body’s natural production of melanin for optimized tanning results.

Melanoboost tan accelerating oil for fair skin  Melanoboost Peptide Suntan Oil for fair skin

We all love a rich, dark sun tan, and many of us with fairer complexions are often envious of those with skin types that seem to tan quickly and easily.

So what’s their secret? Higher concentrations of melanin. These skin types have a greater abundance of melanin, while fairer skin types have less.

Did you know that those with fair complexions NOW have the ability to rock a tan too!

Our fairer friends just need to get their hands on a bottle of Melanoboost® and follow these 3 easy steps…

Step 1: 

Improve your ability to tan naturally by boosting your skin’s melanin levels, AND increase key anti-oxidants to assist your skin’s photo-protective defences. This step is easy with Melanoboost’s dual phase PEPTIDE technology.

Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil contains intelligent actives formulated to promote higher concentrations of melanin for accelerated tanning results. Antioxidant rich, the formula works to optimise tanning in ANY skin type with minimal UV exposure.

Apply Melanoboost® daily for 1-2 weeks in the lead up to summer, or before your next beach holiday to enhance the natural tanning process.

Step 2:

With higher concentrations of melanin, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of sun exposure required to tan effectively with Melanoboost®.

Apply Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil during sun exposure to significantly optimize tanning results so you can enjoy your time in the sun without over-doing it. Remember, spending all day sun bathing on the beach is not a smart way to tan.

Melanoboost® encourages a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximize benefit and minimise risk, so limit your daily exposure times to 15 -20 minutes max!

Step 3:

Keep the suns rays in the upper level of the skin where the tan shows, and prevent them from penetrating into the deeper layers of skin where the damage forms - this step is simple; wear sunscreen!

TIP: Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVB protection.

Thinking sunscreen will stop you from tanning?

Wrong. It won't reduce your tanning ability; it will help to protect your skin from sun damage, burning and peeling . Peeling skin (we’ve all been there!) is unhealthy skin and will mean your tan disappears more quickly.

Keep using your Melanoboost® after you’ve worked on your tan to help it last longer.

Melanoboost® will definitely help to lengthen the life of your real tan because our Peptide Complex is designed to continue to help boost your melanin levels every time you apply it - even after sun exposure.

Fair skinned sun lovers rejoice, Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil is your new best friend! 

To recap:

Traditional tanning oils may make your tan look ultra shiny but offer little or no enhancement to tan effectively.

Use Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil to improve your ability to tan and make every moment in the sun count this summer.

Wear sunscreen whenever spending time outdoors to protect your skin.

Check out what some fellow fair skinned sun lovers have said:

 “Sunshine in bottle. Bought this for my daughter who finds it hard to get a suntan but she is developing a nice colour since using this product. Would highly recommend.”
– Nicolette B.

“Amazing product. From putting it on I could tell I was going to be happy with it. It feels really nice and absorbs really well. I don't normally tan easily but could see a difference on my arms after being in the sun for only a little while. I've already bought a second bottle and will be buying more and more.”
– Matthew P.

For more results like these check out more reviews on our product page.

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