Can Pale People Tan Using Melanoboost?

We often receive emails and messages from people who struggle to tan and describe themselves as pale or fair, asking if Melanoboost will work for them…

 “Can pale people tan using Melanoboost?” 

“I have fair skin and usually burn, will Melanoboost help me tan?”

We also receive many product reviews from customers who struggle to tan and describe themselves as pale or fair, keen to share their experiences using Melanoboost…

Before we explain how Melanoboost works on different skin types from our perspective , we’d first like to share some of our pale / struggle to tan customer reviews so that you can read genuine feedback from actual Melanoboost customers. Of the 400+ customer reviews we have received since we launched, we have chosen some of the most detailed reviews from customers who describe themselves as ‘pale / struggle to tan’ in their review. 

Pale people who have tanned using Melanoboost Pale people who have tanned using Melanoboost

We hope our customer’s un-biased feedback will help you decide if Melanoboost is right for you...

***Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors that may appear in the below customer reviews. We have chosen to paste reviews as published to maintain authenticity.

Rating: 5
Author: Ellie G.

I bought this product based on the difference between Melanoboost and other tanning oils. I have been a weekly self fake tanner for 5+ years now as I believed that my skin could not tan but only burn and it has seriously been a major insecurity for me for so many years. I've done and tried EVERYTHING to naturally tan but nothing had worked. I took Melanoboost on my holiday to Bali recently and I am shocked! I'm actually noticeably naturally tanned!! I never thought it would happen. I've had so many comments on my natural tan already and I didn't even bake in the sun for hours on end! I did short intervals every day like Melanoboost recommended. You guys have made the BEST product and made a pale girl very very happy. I'm tanned thanks to Melanoboost!!!! 
Title: Fantastic 
Rating: 5
Author: Ethan R.

I usually don’t tan and just burn and peel but Melanoboost changed all of that and have never been so tanned before! I usually do between 20-30 min each side when laying in the sun and BAM got a tan!! Haven’t stopped using it since summer 2017!!
Rating: 5
Author: lauren j.

I have never ever been one to tan at all, I have extremely pale skin and if I am in the sun for more than half an hour I usually burn so bad I blister and peel. Since using this product I go in the sun for not even 15 minutes and I can see my skin changing colour and actually tanning! Such a life changing product, goodbye fake tan! 
Rating: 5
Author: Kelly B.

For someone who never goes a week without fake tanning like an oompa loompa and has tried relentlessly to get a real tan (only to peel and reveal another layer of white and freckles) I am completely gobsmacked!! The reviews were insanely good and I couldn’t decide on one so bought both and can I just say, it’s a flipping miracle in a bottle!!! I had subtle tan lines after day one, ZERO sunburn and deliciously nourished skin. I spent an hour a day in the sun for one week and slept in the bronze oil on Friday night for an extra glow for the weekend and everyone commented on how ahhhmazing my holiday tan was! Thanks guys, you’ve nailed it! X

Title: Best Tanning Lotion of All Time!!! 
Rating: 5
Author: Nicole K.

I have fair skin and would always burn in the sun. Not only does this tanning lotion give me a great tan it moisturises the skin at the same time. Minimal sun exposure for a great tan!! Who could ask for more!! 

Title: Tanning saviour 
Rating: 5
Author: Amanda R.

I was so hesitant to buy Melanoboost because I am so pale and it always seems impossible to tan! I applied the oil everyday over three days and my skin gradually looked more and more bronzed everyday! My third day I sat in the sun for a few hours and I’ve never been so tanned in my life! I absolutely loved this product and I’ll definitely repurchase! By far the best tanning oil I have ever used!

Title: Melanoboost Lotion
Rating: 5
Author: Ebony L.
I absolutely love this product! I hate tanning oils, & the sticky feeling of most tanning products, but this stuff is AMAZING! I will NEVER buy anything but this product ever again, I am so over the moon happy with the results, the fast postage, & the price! Thankyou Melanoboost for saving this lil white girl lots of $$ on crappy tans!!!

Title: It actually works! 
Rating: 5
Author: Victoria A.

I’m usually very pale and burn easily. By using this and gradually increasing my sun exposure, I have developed a nice glow in just a week! Definitely re-purchasing!

Title: Melanoboost Rocks!!!
Rating: 5
Author: Jane D.

I love this product!! Firstly, the smell is divine - but most importantly it helps me achieve a beautiful tan REALLY FAST! I’m fair skinned and without Melanoboost it can take me forever to change colour. With Melanoboost I see results after half an hour.
Title: Amazing!
Rating: 5
Author: Mrs S.

I’m fair & have been using this frequently over the last few weeks, oh my word it’s amazing! I used to try getting a tan by lying there for hours & not getting anywhere, I now have a lovely tan accomplished with minimal effort 😃 In addition my skin is in great condition too,no drying or peeling at all. Thank you Melanoboost

Title: Impressed
Rating: 5
Author: Rachel J.

For a fair skinned person that tans bit bit takes an age I was hopeful but sceptical that Melanoboost would help me. I was very pleasantly surprised.... for once my legs were tanned all over, I usually end up with much lighter shins and calfs. The colour is also deeper and much longer lasting. Living in the UK mens sunshine is a bit hit and miss but using Melonaboost has helped me make the most of the sun we have had. People have commented it looks like I’ve been on holiday when I’ve just been enjoying my garden. Thank you
Title: Amazing!!!
Rating: 5
Author: Dijana D.

Have seriously tried so many different tanning products. This is a legit product where what the discription of the item says is actually what it does!!! I really struggle tanning so only half an hour with this stuff on is more tan than I would get doing anything else. Seriously in love and will order again :)

Title: It’s ridiculous!
Rating: 5
Author: Katie M.

I adore this! I put it on every time I’m popping to the beach for a swim or walk. It just tops up my tan and keeps me Golden. The first time I used it I was amazed at the result! Super rich tan. And I’m a white Anglo-skinned chick. I love it.

Title: Awesome!! 
Rating: 5
Author: Kacey P.

I use this product everyday and I was so pale when I started and I finally got that awesome tan in such a short period of time. I use it when I’m taking my dog for a walk or laying by the pool! Best tanning product I’ve come across and I’ve tried so many!!! Have recommended it to my friends and I will continue to buy this product... Can’t wait to take it to Hawaii with me in January ;) Thank you so much for making an incredible product!!!
Title: Finally
Rating: 5
Author: Sarah M.

Great stuff! Does what it says. I was most impressed as i am quite fair and do not tan well. I followed the instructions and applied daily whether it was sunny day or not. Love the oil it is not greasy and quickly absorbed, i needed to apply a bit more as my skin is fairly dry which is fine as you get a great bottle size and is worth the money. Another i liked was the fact that even in the Melanoboost Oil with Bronzing there was no sign of orange hands, bed sheets, or blotchy knees. Praise the Lord! I did however use the Melanoboost oil for about 3 weeks to begin with which prepared my skin initially and wore sunscreen all the time. I couldnt believe it when i actually started to tan! I got so excited i bought another 3 bottles and have just recently purchased Melanoboost with Bronzer and "WOW" I am seriously tanned! Just yesterday a friend said to me "Man , I feel very white around you at the moment!", I have never heard that! Completely addicted! Love it! Will post a picture for you soon! Regards Sunshine!

Now to OUR answer...

Melanoboost is NOT designed for specific skin types, it’s designed for ALL skin types.

All skin types have melanin; from Fitzpatrick skin type 1(fairest) to 6 (darkest). Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin colour and makes it tan. People with fair skin have less melanin, people with darker skin have more.

Higher concentrations of melanin assist the skin’s photo-protective defences during UV exposure, and allow it to tan more readily however... Melanin is usually only naturally produced when our bodies ARE exposed to UV light, so if you have fair skin, you have a greater risk of burning.

Enter Melanoboost...

Melanoboost uses synthetic (man made) PEPTIDES designed to mimic the naturally occurring function of melanin production WITHOUT exposure to UV light. If you are fair, use Melanoboost in the lead up to UV exposure to help boost melanin levels in your skin without the risk of burning.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion is our most versatile pre-tan melanin booster. Ultra light and super hydrating, the lotion absorbs instantly leaving a weightless dry touch feel - perfect to use as your everyday moisturiser AND pre-tan melanin booster in one.
Alternatively, if you're looking for a boost of bronzed body confidence before you hit the beach, you could instead use Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil + Bronzing as it contains sunless tanning actives to give you a faux glow without the sun, whilst simultaneously helping to boost your skin’s melanin levels.

When spending time outdoors, we encourage you to take a balanced approach to sun exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

With higher concentrations of melanin, just short bursts of daily UV exposure is all it takes to tan effectively using Melanoboost. As your natural sun tan begins to build and deepen in colour, you can gradually increase your UV exposure times for darker tanning results, but don’t overdo it. Burning should NEVER be your goal. It’s not smart, and it certainly isn’t sexy to rock the lobster. JUST-DON’T-DO-IT. 
Melanoboost always encourages the use of sunscreen as a precaution to protect your skin when spending any time in the sun. TIP: apply sunscreen after your Melanoboost.

Expectation versus results…

As everyone tans differently, results using Melanoboost will differ from person to person. It will depend on your natural melanin levels to begin with, and how long you used Melanoboost in the lead up to UV exposure. Some people have seen tanning results during sun exposure in as little as 15 minutes, whilst others who are fairer with less melanin may notice a slower increase.

Use Melanoboost post sun exposure to MAX BOOST your tanning potential.

Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera and antioxidant Vitamin E, Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion helps soothe and protect skin post sun exposure, contributing to a longer lasting tan.

Even after you have achieved your desired tanning result, if you continue to use Melanoboost on a daily basis thereafter, combined with regular incidental UV exposure, you can potentially keep a level of tan all year round. The Peptide Complex within all Melanoboost products is designed to boost melanin levels in the skin whenever you apply it, INDOORS or OUT. If you stop using Melanoboost, like any real suntan, it will gradually fade.

All products within the Melanoboost peptide powered tanning collection are designed to help improve your tanning potential no matter how pale you are.

To discover our range of tanning oils and lotions, head on over to our online store.

 Melanoboost online store

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